Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The r-word

This story was recently brought to my attention. Apparently there is a growing movement to ban the word "retard" from everyday use, especially in movies and TV. As a world renowned retard-identifier and leader and innovator in the field of retardization analysis, I feel I have no choice but to address this.

Let me first say that here at The World is Retarded, we take our use of the terms retard and retarded very seriously. Never is the use of this word meant to exploit or mock people who are actually mentally retarded, just the people who do things that are so fucking absurd, retarded is the only appropriate term to describe them.

Whether its a porn star telling the entire world about her asshole exercises or MILFs who keep their miscarriages in the fridge, what the hell are you supposed to call some of these people? Not to mention most real retards typically have pretty superhuman strength, and the last thing I need is to be attacked by one of those buggers. The only thing more embarrassing than getting beat up by a girl is getting beat up by a retard. So believe you me when I say we're not trying to intentionally ruffle any retarded feathers. Plus I've heard that shit is contagious.

i know its not actually contagious. just remember, even the rainman was a re-tard

P.S. I do feel a little bad about this post. If it makes any difference I didn't really think The Ringer was that funny.


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