Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who let the dogs out? Ronnie Gilbertson did


Thomas Jefferson. John F. Kennedy. The guy who invented those Juicy pants. All true heroes, who will go down as leaders and visionaries in the annals of history. These men fought for what they believed in and didn't take no guff from no one (except for JFK, pretty sure getting shot in the fucking head counts as taking guff). The kind of men that I'd be proud to see my yet-to-be-conceived daughter with. Granted, my daughter will probably be white so Jefferson wouldn't be interested in her, but that's neither her nor there. Because this post isn't about Thomas Jefferson inventing jungle fever, and its not about JFK double teaming Marilyn Monroe with Joe DiMaggio, and its certainly not about the genius who gave men everywhere a legit excuse to check out a girl's ass. This post is a welcome-with-open-arms to another legend in history, Mr. Ronnie Gilbertson, who is redefining what it means to be man's best friend.

Gilbertson's dog, Max, was sentenced to be put down after attacking a few other dogs and killing a couple of sheep. Pretty harsh if you ask me, but I guess if the judicial system doesn't protect the rights of defenseless sheep, nobody will. Armed with only good intentions and a pair of wire cutters, Gilbertson broke Max out of doggy death row, just minutes before he was to be put down. The 2 have since gone on the lam, and nobody has seen Mr. Gilbertson or Max since. I'm pretty sure this was the exact plot of Beethoven, but I can't be certain, and I am too lazy to fact-check.

Gilbertson's girlfriend, Fiona Harvey, defends her man.

I don't have a problem with what Ronnie has done. I would hope he would do the same for our kids in similar circumstances.
Regrettably, I don't know Ronnie personally, but when his 2-year old daughter and 11-month old son are wasting away on death row for killing sheep and attacking dogs, there is no doubt in my mind he would break them out and go into hiding. Not just to stick it to the man or because he's a rabble-rouser, because its just the right thing to do, and sometimes, standing up for what you believe in is the only thing that matters. God bless you Ronnie Gilbertson. You are a true inspiration to all.

they have death row for dogs? fucking retarded


Dave Edwards October 14, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

GOOD ON RONNIE GILBERTSON - I'm his UK based cousin and the clan in Pomland are very amused and proud of him!

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