Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I get older...they stay the same age"


MILLBURN, N.J. — The principal of Millburn High, New Jersey’s top-ranked high school, says it has gone on for a decade: annual hazing by senior girls who create a “slut list” of incoming freshmen for the first day of school. A dozen or more names are written on a piece of notebook paper, with crass descriptions, and copies are passed around — hundreds this year, some say.

“We’ve had girls — which is one of the bad things — obsessed that their names are on it, and girls who were upset that they didn’t make the list,” said the principal, William Miron. “It’s basically vulgar.”

And that is not the only type of hazing that goes on, some girls say. Seniors blow whistles in some girls’ faces and jostle or push them into lockers, leaving them afraid to come to school the next day.

These tales were out in the open on Friday after half a dozen parents complained to public school officials and a discussion of hazing on a private e-mail group for mothers made its way around this Essex County township.

A slut list? That is fucking brilliant!! But I guess this is what we should expect from the Garden State's number 1 high school. A slut list puts everyone in their place from Day 1, not to mention saves the upper classmen dudes valuable time trying to figure out which freshman are D.T.F. and which ones are frigid prudes.

But leave it to a bunch of cunty mothers to start a goddamn emergency e-mail chain and try to shit all over a tried and true high school tradition. They'd probably take away the pledge of allegiance or dick sucking after prom if you gave them half a chance. Pathetic.

Luckily for the sake of freedom and democracy, these girls at Millburn High School are standing their ground and not ratting anyone out.

Most of the girls interviewed after school on Friday said they had never been hazed. Some had not even heard of the problem, and some of those who had said it was all in good fun. One girl talking with friends on Millburn Avenue several blocks from the high school said freshmen were unlikely to name names.

“Then you’ll be the loser,” said the girl, 14, who said she had not been hazed and whose father, contacted later, requested that she not be named. “And it gets much worse.”

This is really no coincidence when you again consider the number 1 high school ranking. Clearly the Millburn school system has built the first rule of the streets into their curriculum: Snitches get stitches. You don't get that kind of education just anywhere.

i'll be honest. millburn high school isn't too far from me, and i wouldn't mind checking the slut list out for myself. just kidding. but seriously


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