Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who would win in a fight between 2 killer rabbits and a bunch of snakes?

After dead, mutilated snakes kept showing up in his yard, Armando Del Manso thought his dog was the one responsible. But then he saw something that he described as "gobsmacked." I have no idea what the fuck gobsmacked means, but you'd probably be gobsmacked too if you saw this:

The snake was raised up in the air in the striking position and the two rabbits worked their way around him and killed him in two minutes. We were watching from the veranda with a spotlight, and I thought, who is going to believe this, they’ll think I’m crazy.....These are killer rabbits, man.
I've seen a lot of retarded shit in my day, but killer bunnies tag-teaming snakes? Fucking eh. Maybe if the Trix Rabbit had taken a few notes from his crazy, snake-eating brothers, he wouldn't have been bullied by a bunch of shit-eating kids and gotten some goddamn cereal. Silly rabbit.

To make this story better, a few days after discovering the killer rabbits, Del Manso "was bitten by a python on the foot while going for a midnight snack in his kitchen at around 2am." OK then.

if i don't know whether i should be more worried about snakes in my kitchen or killer rabbits in the back yard, i'm probably getting the fuck out of dodge ASAP. retarded


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