Monday, September 28, 2009

Fuck pandas


Its about time someone as wildly popular and successful as Chris Packham stopped sucking the public's dick and says whats on all of our minds.

Naturalist Chris Packham, a BBC nature host, says pandas are an evolutionary dead end. He says they are not very bright, they have many challenges reproducing in captivity, and because they live in the most populous country on the planet, China, their environment is shrinking.

"Can we really afford these big charismatic animals that suck up so much of our funding?" Packham asked on Britain's GMTV.

...The BBC host said while it is easy to raise money for something "fluffy," our money is better spent saving habitats, such as rain forests.
Rarest bears in the world? Cute and fluffy? FUCK that! Last time I checked all bears do is eat people and steal our honey and salmon and picnic baskets. And according to Chris Packham, pandas are dumb as shit, can't fuck in captivity, and have no place to live since Chinese people can't keep it in their pants and keep popping out so many babies. If you can't even fuck in captivity, with nothing else to do all day, what the hell is the point of living?

I say preach on Chris Packham, and down with those faggy fluffy pandas!!

fuck you panda bears


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Anonymous,  October 2, 2011 at 2:29 AM  

Aren't pandas a bunch of cunts.

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