Monday, September 28, 2009

Blame Canada

Its in Canada so who the fuck cares, but is this guy fucking serious? I'd hire this guy as my lawyer the same day I put my laptop away and go back to rubbing one out to the scrambled porn channels.

A convicted terrorist is asking to practise law in Greater Toronto. Parminder Singh Saini, 46, blames youth and naïveté for his violent past and says he is rehabilitated.

“I had no legitimate right to do that,” he recently told the Law Society of Upper Canada of a 1984 airline hijacking. “It’s not legal."

Wait a fucking minute Parminder. Did you say the only reason you regret hijacking a plane was because its not legal? What about the fact that hijacking planes is fucking crazy!! What about all the other shit you did?

On July 5, 1984, when he was 21, he and four accomplices in the militant All India Sikh Students Federation boarded an Air India flight to Delhi from the northern city of Srinagar.

Twenty minutes after takeoff, he and another man stood up. They pushed aside a female attendant, walked to the front of the plane and Saini - in full view of passengers - raised a handgun to the head of a male attendant and fired.

“(The bullet) did not hit him,” the trial judge later wrote in a 184-page judgment, “but there is little doubt that the object of Parminder Singh (Saini).....was to intimidate and terrorize the crew members and the passengers.”

At the cockpit door, Saini fired two or three more shots - risking the plane’s destruction, the court judgment said. One bullet pierced the door, striking the flight engineer in the back, not seriously. Other hijackers beat and stabbed two other crew members with kirpan daggers.

The door opened and Saini seized control of the plane.

At gunpoint, he ordered the pilot to land in Lahore, Pakistan, and for the next 20 hours kept everybody hostage as he tried to negotiate a list of demands involving money and a large number of prisoners.

“They said that they were going to blow up the aircraft and we should say our last prayer,” a female attendant testified.

When I was 21, all I was doing was smoking weed on the reg, getting drunk as fuck, and trying to fingerbang everything in sight. Not my proudest year, and now that I think about it thats pretty much what I still do, but it definitely beats hijacking a goddamn airplane, firing a gun at a flight attendant's head, and making an entire plane-full of people piss themselves after you threaten to blow them all up.

Bottom line Parminder, second chances are all well and good, but when you're in charge of something that sounds like a scene from Die Hard, its going to be a tough climb back to the top.

do you even know what the fuck a kirpan dagger is? it looks like something indiana jones would use. not cool parminder, not cool at all


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