Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to the future



When Prince said he wanted to party like its 1999, I can only assume he had some big expectations for the future. His idea of the future probably included public orgies or everyone having their own pony or something, but thats neither here nor there. The bottom line is even a full decade after Prince's ideal futuristic date to party, the future still blows.

Seriously, its 2009 by now, and what do we have to show for it? OK, iPods and wireless internet and Wikipedia are pretty cool, but anyone who tells you they thought 2009 would be like this is full of shit. Where are the flying cars? Why can't we read minds yet? Why don't we live on the moon?

Well maybe if you took your head out of your ass and stopped asking those stupid fucking questions, you'd see the future is here, and its being brought to you by Playboy. Because Playboy recently made over 50 old issues of their magazine available to view online, word by word, page by page, titty by titty, for the low, low price of FREE.

So not only can you witness firsthand the evolution of the female bush over the last 50 years, and not only can you spank it to the same pictures your father and grandfather spanked it to, but you can do it all for FREE!!! Thats what the fuck I'm talking about.

On behalf of Playboy, and in honor of all of the naked women you can eye-fuck who are either dead or old as dirt by now, welcome to the future.

awesome. keep your fingers crossed on flying cars next


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