Thursday, March 5, 2009

White men CAN jump

Yes we can!
(Yes we can!)

White Men Can't Jump was a great freaking movie. You got to see Rosie Perez's boobies, some great basketball action, and a completely racist message that would've been more controversial if it wasn't 100% true. (FACT: Us crackas have never been known for our ups.)

But that all ends now. With today's news that A-Rod has a torn labrum in his hip, he could miss 2-3 months if he chooses to have surgery. If this happens, it could potentially give the world a chance to see the Great White Hope himself, Cody Ransom, play third base for the 26-time World Champion New York Yankees and single-handedly shatter the stereotypes that white men cannot jump.

I rest my case.

retarded that it took barack's election to finally make these racial barriers come a-tumblin'


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