Monday, July 27, 2009

What the FUCK is this???


I'll be honest. Sometimes a part of me feels just the smallest amount of guilt for calling so many people retards. But then I realize I've made $1.78 in just over a month from this site, so I'm clearly on to something big. Straight cash homey. In all seriousness though, retarded isn't a very complimentary term, and people who are actually retarded would probably take offense to it if they could figure out how to use a computer, let alone learn how to read.

But with this thing, I don't feel bad at all because I have NO clue what the fuck this thing is. A baby pig with a monkey face? Are you kidding me?? This thing is Grade-A 100% Black Belt 2 Thumbs Up fucking retarded.

literally fucking retarded. does anyone else think it looks a little like billy bob thornton from sling blade?


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