Monday, July 13, 2009

But obama has such a nice ring to it


A zoo in Germany named a baby monkey "Obama" in honor of a certain American president. His name is Barack Obama....some of you might have heard of him. Unfortunately, the Initiative for Black Germans called this racist and demanded the zoo change the primate's name.

Manuela Collmar, the zookeeper, explained that every year the zoo names newborn animals beginnning with the same letter. She had this to say in the zoo's defense:

“This year they all begin with ‘O,’ and one of the zookeepers chose ‘Obama’ – it was meant to be positive and an honour in light of his visit to Dresden in June,” Collmar said, adding that neither she nor her colleagues were aware of the history of using monkeys to caricature and ethnically stereotype black people.
You've got to give Manuela a break here. How could she be expected to know that monkeys are used to stereotype black people, especially when living in such an open-minded and sensitive country such as Germany? It's not like they have a history of intolerance or racism or anything.

how many people could there possibly be in the initiative for black germans club? 30? 40 tops? i bet i had more people in my gym class in high school


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