Monday, July 13, 2009

He called the shit "poop"


Shocking posters apparently showing a child eating dog's mess are being credited with a big clean-ip on Torbay's streets.

Torbay Council launched the controversial campaign at the end of April.

Councillor Dave Butt, cabinet member for community services, said that dog mess had more than halved from about 400 incidents in April to 185 in June.

He also said there had been no complaints about the posters.

The campaign by Torbay Council featured a hard-hitting image appearing to show a young child eating dog faeces which they found in a playground.

At first I thought this poster was telling people it was a £75 fine if you got caught eating dog shit, though apparently I'm just an idiot. But in a world threatened by economic recession, terrorism, global warming, and nuclear war, its good to see the Torbay Council focus on the real issues at hand: stopping little kids from eating dog shit.

This actually makes a ton of sense when you remember that the children are our future. Would you rather it be a little warmer outside, or have our future grow up on a diet of dog shit? I rest my case.

i'm going to take the high road and not make any jokes about children putting "anything" in their mouths. but i want to. instead, i'll just link back to this


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