Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brick rhymes with dick, and thats the best I could come up with


A Chinese bus company is equipping its vehicles with bricks for passengers to use to break windows in an emergency.

The bricks, painted yellow with "emergency use" written on both sides, are stored under the driver's seat and under a rear seat.

"It's easy for passengers to spot them, and use them to break the window if something happened," said a spokesman for the Harbin Public Transport Company.

The company had stopped providing passengers with safety hammers to break windows as they were always being stolen.

"We don't think anybody will be interested in stealing bricks," the spokesman added.

First of all, shouldn't these Chinese people just be able to karate chop the windows out if need be? OK OK, just kidding.

In all seriousness though, that spokesman clearly doesn't understand Rule 1 of petty theft. Just because it doesn't make sense to steal, doesn't mean nobody will steal it. How else do you explain why I have 1 of these plus about 15 exit signs from college in my room? Because I was drunk and knew I probably wouldn't get caught. But also because I am a fucking badass and I do what I want, that's why.

too bad rosa parks didn't have a brick at her disposal when those guys made her give up her seat. nothing says leave me alone, i've had a long day like a quick brick-smash to the face


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