Monday, June 29, 2009

Sharapova, so hot right now


Former female tennis star Chris Evert is bitching about all the grunting that current women's tennis players have been unleashing on the court.

Grunting is one thing but the shrill sound that you hear with players nowadays, and especially they get louder when they hit a winner, that's the thing that I observe as a player.
I gotta be honest. Those grunts and shrill sounds during a match can be freaking awesome. Take Maria Sharapova for example. She's probably the most popular woman's tennis player in the world, and also pretty smoking hot.

And sure, she is 6'2" and her vagina would probably eat me alive, but those orgasms she has during a match keep me tuned in, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. You think Nike or SportsCenter are doing Sharapova ads if she keeps it in her pants all the time? No freaking way.

The women's tennis tour knows what it's doing here, and the ratings don't lie. Take notes, WNBA.

shut the fuck up chris evert. don't ruin the best thing your sport has going for it just because nobody wants to hear you busting a nut

P.S. Ana Ivanovic, I love you.


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