Monday, October 12, 2009

Respecting your elders way too much


State investigators are reporting that a nursing assistant at a St. Louis Park nursing home sexually abused a resident who has dementia.

The report released today says Texas Terrace Care Center has suspended the employee and police have referred the case for possible criminal sexual conduct charges.

Four earlier cases of nursing home abuse have been uncovered in Minnesota since August 2008.

In the latest finding, the state Health Department says the resident reported that the nursing assistant kissed her on the mouth and touched her sexually in July. Two other residents said the employee had kissed them, with one saying he touched her stomach.

Part of me wants to play a little devil's advocate here. I mean, a good day in this old lady's life is probably only shitting herself once a day. Plus with the dementia she can't remember her asshole from her elbow. So this sexual abuse is probably the most action she's gotten in years. Probably since people still thought you could get AIDS from using a public bathroom.

On the other hand, she's old as fuck. And I think the argument can be made that sexually abusing old people in a nursing home is even worse than molesting little kids. I'm not saying it is or it isn't, just that with a little research and an open mind, the case could be made. Based on my extensive experience of getting stoned and watching the National Geographic Channel, I know that regular rapists and pedophiles are considered the ultimate scumbags in jail. But where do old people-rapers stand? They've gotta be a close second, right?

this happened in minnesota. in somewhere called st. louis park. at some place called the texas terrace care center. no wonder this lady had dementia, she didn't even know where the fuck she was


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