Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The vagina game

I can't take full credit for inventing this game, but I will take full credit for realizing how awesome and hilarious it is, and continuing it nonstop until its not that funny anymore.

The rules are simple. Think of a movie title, but in place of a word from the title, add the word "vagina." Some examples are as follows.

-Good Vagina Hunting
-My Big Fat Greek Vagina
-V for Vagina
-Honey I Shrunk the Vaginas
-Fear & Loathing in Vagina
-I am Vagina
-40 Year Old Vagina
-No Country for Old Vaginas/No Vaginas for Old Men (try to avoid these duplicates unless its golden - known as the Spring Corollary)
-There will be Vagina
-Remember the Vaginas
-Bad News Vaginas
-Varsity Vaginas
-Shawshank Vagina
-The Legend of Bagger Vagina

etc, etc.

The game is best played when high as shit, drunk as hell, or preferably both.

only retarded if you consistently just say "vagina" for 1-word movie titles


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