Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Worst. Team. Ever.



Remember when Herm Edwards flipped out and started saying, "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.....YOU PLAY TO THE WIN GAME....YOU PLAY......TO WIN.......THE GAME" over and over again?? Well apparently that is no longer true, sorry Herm.

Last week a girl's high school basketball team in Texas beat another team 100-0. And now, after refusing to apologize for his team whupping the other team's ass, the head coach of the winning team is being fired!

On top of that, everybody loves this losing team now because they never gave up throughout the game and showed so much heart and perseverance and all that other bullshit. NEWSFLASH: Those are nice ways of saying that you suck.

Are you girls fucking kidding me?? You took 7 shots all game. And missed all 7!!!!! You haven't won a game in 4 years!!!!!!!!! Thats an entire high school career!! How do you even lose 100-0?? You'd think a rebound would bounce off your fat worthless, uncoordinated faces and go in the basket at least once during the game.

This team of mongoloids should be the ones getting fired. Just get rid of the whole basketball program and buy some new computers for the school or something.

its girls high school basketball, so who really gives 2 shits in the end?


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