Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whup that trick


The Guangxi Qihuang Survival Training Camp was built to "cure youngsters of their obsession with online gaming." In other words, this is a place for the biggest dorks and most pathetic virgins in all of China. But when 16-year old Deng Senshan came to the clinic, he barely had time to say SimCity 2000 before someone opened up a can of whup-ass on him that no cheat code could save him from.

His parents took their son to the Guangxi Qihuang Survival Training Camp in southern China on Saturday, paying 7,000 yuan (£605) for a month of treatment. Deng Fei, his father, told supervisors that his son was shy and introverted and they should avoid putting too much pressure on him during the first couple of days. They agreed.

Instead, the boy was placed in solitary confinement shortly after his arrival and then beaten by his trainers who scolded him for running too slowly when he was ordered to go jogging. He was pronounced dead in the early hours of Sunday morning.

This is a fucking sham and a mockery and a travishamockery. If a Chinese video game nerd can't feel safe at his internet addiction rehab clinic, where is he to turn? Who's left to trust? And who ever heard of a shy and introverted Chinese kid who plays video games? What a rare breed. What are you gonna tell me next, that he's good at math and has a grandmother who isn't a very good driver?

the article goes on to say that over 10 million Chinese teens are addicted to the internet, but with enough porn to feed a small country, videos like this, and of course this awesome muthafreakin blog, who can blame them? there just aren't enough hours in the day


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